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Which Watch Fits My Style?

Posted on the 18th March, 2016

So you’ve got your new threads, and you’re looking like a king. The shoes match the shirt, broken up with a cool leather belt and a pair of great-fitting trousers. But isn’t there something missing? Time to check out which watch will fit your style.

The Night Out with Your Mates


It’s going to be a night on the tiles – so what sort of style are you going for? Something that emphasises your awesomeness, right? Probably a good pair of jeans, a relaxed shirt and a fine pair of shoes. Man, you look great.

The Watch: For a night out, it’s important to strike the balance between fashionable and durable. Because anything can happen. Choose a fashionable, black sports watch and you’ll look great.



The Night Out with Your Partner


A night out with your partner is a whole different ball game. You’re going to want to really show off that sophistication. Channel your inner James Bond with suit jackets and ties that really add to your overall elegance.

The Watch: Anything with Roman numerals is grand – it’s the timeless look. Bond opted for Rolex and Omega, so an understated watch that reflects those brands are perfect.



The Workplace


Regardless of how you dress at work, a watch that’s utilitarian is ideal. Sure, it should look good with a suit, uniform, or casual-wear, but it’s only there to serve one purpose: to tell you when to leave work, right?

The Watch: Go for a classic chronometer, with a genuine leather strap. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should look it.



The Holiday


If you’re lucky enough to go globe-trotting around exotic locales, then you’ll no doubt be dressed in shorts and t-shirts. The relaxed approach to menswear. But you’re still going to want to know the time without fumbling around in your pocket for the phone (and you don’t want to miss the plane home!).

The Watch: Be practical here – if you can grab a watch that displays several time-zones, then perfect. In fact, if you’re regularly blitzing around the world, the more watch complications the merrier.


What sort of style are you rocking now? And does your watch match your menswear? For all your fashionable clothing, get in contact with the team here at SizeBase, and we’ll be delighted to make sure you’re dressed to impress, no matter where you’re heading out to.

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