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Brand Spotlight: Weird Fish

Posted on the 18th March, 2016

A fish carcass logo:  this is probably how you recognise any Weird Fish item. This famous surf brand has 20 years of experience and a lot to offer. Last month we showed you how brands such as Raging Bull are reclaiming sporty clothes as everyday outfits, well Weird Fish brings the joy of a holiday style to any day of the week, so you always feel both comfortable and confident.



This is what makes Weird Fish really special. Macaroni fabric is made of cotton and not only gives that distinctive look but is also very durable. Because cotton is an insulating material, it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Any Macaroni item can be in your wardrobe all year round.

There are different Macaroni lines to suit all your plans, so you can wear this  Conker Macaroni jumper for an escapade to the hills on a Sunday…

Macaroni Big Sizes Weird Fish

And this other  Macaroni Liquorice sweater is perfect for when you are getting to work and it’s still a bit chilly in the morning.



Items for any occasion

Beach clothes started off as the basic line in Weird Fish, such as this  Navy Half Sleeve Hawaiian shirt. So when the sun starts shining again this spring you’ll be ready to go out in the evening celebrating the longer days.



Weird Fish also has items you can enjoy in winter, like this Cord Hooded Stone jacket. The good thing about this kind of outfit is that you can still keep using it during spring. Just take out any intermediate layer (like a jumper or cardigan) and wear the jacket directly over your shirt.



Smart details

Weird Fish is a versatile brand that offers you plain and bright colours as well as patterns for formal and relaxed occasions. They all transmit a fresh holiday attitude, showing you’re ready to take the next exciting challenge life has to offer!

They also have a lot of accessories so you can add that special detail to your outfit (remember, they are what usually make a difference and help you create a personal style!) Why not try this  Stripe Brown scarf?



If you want to try Weird Fish this spring, we have their items in a varied range of sizes. We can help you to find the perfect fit so when your items arrive home you feel happy with what you have purchased! You can contact us with any question on 01183 276 56 or find us on Facebook and Google +.

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