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10 Common Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

Posted on the 11th March, 2016

From socks and sandals to ill fitted suits, men have been committing the same deadly fashion mistakes for decades.

All men are guilty of making at least one of the following common sartorial faux pas.

1. Wrinkled Clothes

ironing  iStock_000078734117_Small


Why are some men so scared of the iron? It makes you look smart, put together and attractive.


2. White Socks with Smart Shoes

Man's socks isolated on white background


The rule is black or navy socks with smart dress shoes. Definitely not white.


3. Too Many Buttons Undone

male chest  iStock_000081200715_Small

Nobody wants to see your chest hair. Definitely not your co-workers.


 4. Wearing Clothes That Are Too Big

Close Up Of Man On Diet Losing Weight From Waist


There is nothing worse than ill-fitted clothing. You don’t want to have to spend the day pulling up your jeans.


5. Wearing Clothes That Are Too Small

man is unable to close his pants because of gaining weight

Clothes that are too small are just as bad as wearing something too big. It’s all about finding something that fits you perfectly.


6. Socks & Sandals

Men's feet in sandals

This is a trend that should definitely be left to the young hipsters who can just about pull it off. In fact, no. No one should wear socks with sandals.


7. Short Sleeved Shirt With a Tie

Men's clothing is on white background.

Ties are for long shirts only! Nothing looks worse than a short shirt teamed with a tie.


8. Holes in Socks

White old sock damage and hole


Just throw them away. No good comes out of wearing socks with giant holes.


9. Too Much Jewellery

Young male rapper holding a ghetto blaster


Unless you’re a hip hop artist. Actually, not even then.


10. Wearing Sports Shoes EVERYWHERE

Fitness tracker

Trainers are for the gym only. Why do you insist on wearing them with jeans or suit pants?


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