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The Complete Outfit for a Summer Festival

Posted on the 14th June, 2017

Music festival season is here; the atmosphere, the warm weather (if you’re lucky) and the amazing memories you’re creating with your friends. Any music fan will take the chance to see their favourite artist playing live and what better time to see them live than at a festival?

You get good value for money and can see many artists for the price of one and there’s always the chance of you finding new artists or genres that you didn’t know even existed. Ten or twenty years from now you’ll be able to say: ‘I was at that band’s first festival!’

You’re probably feeling excited about going to this year’s festivals – and you probably can’t wait to pack – but if there’s something you need to decide on, is what you’re going to wear. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and have a few suggestions of what you can wear for both functionality and fashion.


A Good Waterproof Jacket

Festival season brings the sunshine along but UK weather is never too reliable. Having a good waterproof jacket will keep you looking stylish while ensuring you stay dry. You’ll want a protective but lightweight option that is easy to store when the sun is out, but that also provides you with a durable option when it’s pouring.

The Weird Fish Old Gold Waterproof Jacket is available in yellow and red with both waterproof and breathable lining. With two zip pockets and one inside zip pocket, you’re sure to keep all your valuable possessions safe. You can easily adjust the hood with the toggles for more comfort. And the best part is that you’re sure to spot your jacket anywhere due to its vibrant colour!


Shirts for Easy and Light Wear

Something light and easy to wear is vital for festivals and t-shirts are always a great option for low maintenance outfits that still look fashionable. You can very easily throw on a t-shirt first thing in the morning. Simple but colourful shirts are perfect choices for a festival outfit, and choosing a pattern you like is easy.

Keep it fun with a Mish Mash White T-shirt with a palm tree pattern that doesn’t fall into a cliché but is still a great pattern. You can also choose a Mish Mash Printed Navy T-shirt for a darker option that also features a nature print – helping you to stay in tune with your surroundings!



Shorts and Jeans

Don’t forget about the bottom half of your body; if the weather is nice and warm, a pair of shorts will keep you cool. You can choose a Duke Sand Capri Pant made of cotton and polyester for a comfortable and lightweight option that is sure to keep you from overheating and you’ll feel at the top of your game. You can also choose Raging Bull Navy Cargo Shorts if you prefer a shorter option made from 100% cotton. With five pockets in total, you won’t lose any of your belongings as you party in the festivals.


A pair of Mish Mash Mid Blue Jeans is always a good choice. Dark wash jeans provide a classic look that is never out of fashion and the colour goes with any t-shirt you choose. You can cuff the jeans around the ankle and wear a pair of socks and trainers for a great outfit choice.



Hoodies for Warmth

Although it’s summer, nights can still be quite chilly. To ensure you’re ready for any weather, a comfy Weird Fish Moonlight Blue Hoody is sure to meet your needs. Still quite lightweight and easy to carry around, you’re sure to keep warm and cosy. And if the sun is shining and the temperature agreeable, you can just take it off and enjoy the sunshine.

Keeping your outfits simple and lightweight is ideal for festivals, especially if you’re camping. Carrying around bulky clothes can get tiring very quickly! But most importantly, choose colours and patterns that you love and don’t be afraid to try new combinations. Festivals are, after all, all about having fun.

Once you’ve figured out what you love to wear, it’ll be easy to mix and match items for great outfits. Keep checking our website for new arrivals – you never know when you’ll spot the ideal piece of clothing you’ve been waiting for!

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