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Spotlight on a Brand: Raging Bull

Posted on the 9th May, 2017

There are many top of the range sporting brands which offer an array of great clothing options for the big or tall man. One such brand is that of Raging Bull, which has a wide fan base that includes celebrities and sports fans alike. Geared towards a rugby and sport loving audience, the high quality and usability of the line make it a must have for sporty individuals.

So, what is the history behind this brand and why is the Raging Bull rearing its angry head at this auspicious time of year?

The History Behind the Rage

A relatively new company, Raging Bull was founded in 2003 and was the result of a random kitchen thought. Famed rugby player and World Cup victor Phil Vickery was sitting with friends when the idea came to fruition; from this idea, Vickery quickly started supplying rugby team kits to clubs. The quality of the kits spoke for itself, meaning that the reputation and growth of the company was rapid.


It was following his 2007 World Cup win that Vickery decided to expand beyond rugby, to an overall leisurewear array of apparel for the brand. From this, a range of rugby inspired tops and t-shirts have become a core aspect of the brand’s identity.

Today, it is a brand that can be found across the UK in major retail outlets. With many characteristics that people find charming in Phil Vickery himself – such as his intrinsic Britishness, pride, strength and ruggedness – this is a brand that appeals to people across the world.

World Rugby Sevens Series

On 21st May, Twickenham will play host to the finale of the World Rugby Seven Series (also known as the HSBC World Rugby Seven Series as a result of its funding). It is an annual series of international rugby sevens tournament that showcases the talent of the world’s top ten rugby nations: Australia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and England. Each of these nations holds an event during the tournament, in 2017 England has the honour of hosting the finale.

Once, New Zealand dominated the tournament, but recently victory has been found in South Africa and Samoa. Fiji has won the tournament for the past two seasons.

A fast-paced alternative to the rugby union, it involves 7 players on each time playing on a full-sized rugby pitch. The games are short – only 7 minutes each half – meaning it is much faster with simpler rules than traditional rugby. Indeed, this is often the appeal for many of its fans. Players are able to show feats of their individual skills on such a stage also.


It truly is not a tournament to be missed as a result! Shop now to ensure your shirt and other outfit necessities arrive before the big day.

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