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Going Grey Gracefully: Is it Cool to be Grey?

Posted on the 10th March, 2016

Stereotypically, when we think of a man with grey hair, we’re probably all imagining our 80 year old granddad. Despite the fact that it can happen to men a lot younger than this, it’s typically something that we associate with old age.

A lot of men are embarrassed about their grey hair, desperately researching the best ways to disguise it for as long as possible. But are times changing?

With more and more celebrities embracing their greying locks (Phillip Schofield is a prime example), it’s definitely becoming a lot more fashionable than it was in previous times. So how can you successfully grow old (and grey) gracefully? We have some inspirational ideas to help you out…

Feeling uncertain. Frustrated mature man in shirt and tie holding hand in hair and looking away while standing against grey background

Embrace the Grey

There is nothing that ages a man more than trying (badly) the hide the fact that their hair is changing. We think that the best thing you can do is embrace the change and accept that your hair definitely isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. Embracing your looks is actually a lot more attractive than desperately trying to hide it.

Update Your Wardrobe?

As you age, it’s more important than ever to keep your wardrobe updated. Growing old doesn’t meaning your clothes have to age too – there are plenty of ways to keep everything modern and on trend. We don’t mean that you have to start suddenly dressing like a man half your age, but you also don’t have to dress like you’re older than you are too.

Find Brands That Flatter You

Forget your loyalty to certain brands; it’s far more important to invest in clothes that really suit your new style. If this means switching and finding new brands, then it’s worth doing so. If you’re lucky, your favourite brands will have clothes that suit a variety of ages. This is definitely true for brands such as Raging Bull. Whilst some of their clothes are perfect for the younger man, they also have clothes that are more suitable for the more mature man. The same also goes for brands such as Mish Mash who have a fantastic collection aimed at the stylish older man.



Keep Yourself Well Groomed

Used to rushing out of the house without even glancing in the mirror? It’s much harder to get away with the “just got out of bed” look when you’re a little older. This is why we suggest you spend extra time each day grooming yourself a little bit. Apart from styling your hair, why don’t you spend extra time picking out your clothes or shoes? Keep your nails short and your beard trimmed. This can make a massive difference when you’re over the age of 50.


The main thing to remember is that you are not your hair! Whatever is happening up top doesn’t affect you as a person! You’re only ever as old or as young as you feel!


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