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Five Things Every BIG and TALL Man Knows

Posted on the 5th June, 2017

For those guys who are big or tall, life can be a very different experience. From struggling to find clothes that fit properly to having to duck when walking through doorways to avoid a head injury, there are certain things that only big and tall guys will truly understand. Take a look at some of the things we know you’ll have experienced and let us know what you would add to our list!

#1 – Getting Things Down From High Shelves for Short People Becomes a Full-Time Job

Whether it’s at home or when you’re shopping, there is always someone shorter than you who needs your help to get something down off a high shelf. You might as well start charging people for your services, you’d make a fortune!

Tall Man, Short Woman

#2 – Showering Anywhere But Your Own Home is a Challenge

You may have got your shower at the perfect height and setting but good luck if you need to shower at the gym, hotel or anyone else’s home! This can become particularly frustrating if you live with a shorter person who insists on adjusting the shower head to be on their level every time they shower.

#3 – Head Injuries are Just a Part of Life

Low hanging beams and doorways are the mortal enemies of tall guys. Over the years, you’ve probably developed a bit of a tolerance for banging your head against doorframes, you can barely even feel it anymore, right?

Hard Hat

#4 – So is Back Pain for Anyone with a Significantly Shorter Significant Other

Leaning down for displays of affection can give you a serious crick in your neck and an aching back if your significant other doesn’t share your gift of height. And you can forget about holding hands while walking! The same goes for all those photographs that involve you contorting your body into all sorts of shapes just so your head fits in the frame with your partner.

#5 – Buying Clothes That Actually Fit Can be an Ordeal

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find clothes that fit properly and comfortably. If you know the feeling of shirts that end at your belly button or trousers that end above your ankles, you’re probably a big or tall man!

Don’t worry though, we stock clothes that are designed with you in mind. We’ve even got a sizing page with a handy measuring guide so you can make sure you never buy the wrong size again!

When an item of clothing enters our range, we hand measure it so you can be sure that you’re getting the right size. We then create an individual size chart for each product so you can identify the right size for you and get the perfect fit every time – it couldn’t be easier!

Take a look at our measuring and sizing guide here.

We know that being a big and tall guy has its own challenges, but, really, who’d change it? Especially when you can find clothes that fit you perfectly at SizeBase. Go on, take a look at what we have on offer, and make sure to check out our sizing guide if you’re unsure of your size or how to measure yourself.

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