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Brand Spotlight: Polo Ralph Lauren

Posted on the 12th February, 2016

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Size Base is that we supply plus size clothing without our customers having to miss out on all the best quality, designer brands. You may often find that when you’re shopping for clothing in bigger sizes, styles and designs are limited. But now you can heave a sigh of relief, because we supply some of the best brands in the bigger measurements you need so now you won’t be disappointed by a limited size range!

Now you’ve got the sizes you need, you need to find items with timeless, classic styles that you can wear from day to night, and one brand that delivers all these qualities is Polo Ralph Lauren. The design is simple yet tasteful, and is recognised worldwide. The brand was first founded in 1967, starting with a collection of ties, and has since broadened into a symbol of American heritage, supplying everything from the distinctive polo shirt to formalwear.


At Size Base we stock this iconic brand; shorts, shirts and a selection of polo shirts to make striking additions to your wardrobe. Even though the polo shirt was originally a sporty piece of clothing, Ralph Lauren can be worn to create some stylish and smart outfits for all kinds of occasions. Sportswear now has a style of its own, and has become significantly less casual than it used to be – similar to the denim jean craze; jeans have now been modified and tailored by many designers to create items appropriate for evening wear.

Ralph Lauren is an example or how sportswear skyrocketed into the fashion world. The brand first started off in 1972 with one fit of polo shirt in a limited range of colours, and now their polos are made for men, women and children in short sleeved, long sleeved, different materials and fits to suit any body shape and style.

Either worn with a pair of smart jeans or cotton trousers, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt can be complemented by a piece of knitwear over the top to complete an evening look, or on its own in the day time. With Ralph Lauren’s exceptional materials and tailored designs, you’re sure to make a statement with the famous polo player logo embroidered on the front; whether you choose the sportier polo shirt look or fancy something smarter like a checked shirt.


If a sportier look is more down your street, Size Base stock all sorts of brands featuring big men’s polo shirts in various colours and prints if you prefer to make a bigger statement with your clothing. To strike a nice balance between sporty and smart, why not take a look at our long-sleeved polo shirts in brands such as Mish Mash, Oakman and Life & Limb?

Unsure of your size? Then take a look at our recent post about how to find your perfect fit before shopping with us so that you get your measurements just right. If you have any enquiries regarding our stock, feel free to get in touch today for more information, otherwise you can also find us on Facebook and Google Plus.

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