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Are You Following These Fashion Guidelines?

Posted on the 2nd March, 2016

Unless you’re a lucky man who can throw on any old item of clothing and look fashionable – seriously, that’s a talent – then there are a few well known guidelines which are floating around the fashion world to guide you into becoming a fashion guru.

Rather than following these like a rule book, the fashion world tends to appreciate those who take their own spin on these guidelines and really rock the style that they are trying to create. After all, the beauty of fashion is that it is a form of expression that you choose to show your character and tastes!

So, if you’re a person who doesn’t know the difference between your tweed and your pinstripe, take a look at our in-depth fashion guidelines to help get a sense of what fashion is really all about!

Flawless Fits


No matter what style you are looking to achieve, fit is the most important aspect of all when it comes to being fashionable.

A well fitting garment gives off a sense of elegance and smartness, and although in our eyes there’s nothing wrong with loose fitting clothing for those days where you want nothing more than to relax in the comfort of your own home, nothing oozes style better than a well fitted outfit.

Aside from looking a bit strange, clothing which is too small will be extremely uncomfortable as well as highlight areas of your body which you may end up feeling self conscious about.

Although being fashionable is often about looking good, we think that it’s more important that you feel comfortable – both physically and visually!

White Socks/Black Socks?


There’s always been a huge debate between fashion professionals as to when it is acceptable to wear white socks instead of black socks and vice-versa.

You mightn’t think that the colour of your socks should matter a great deal, especially when they will be hidden by the bottom of your trousers most of the time.


However, there is a general rule that the more formal you are wanting to dress, the darker your socks should be – just in case you flash a bit of ankle at any point!

Darker colours tend to be more serious, but it’s not always a bad thing. If you’re going for a more elegant look, head straight for your dark socks.

White and light colour socks do have their place though in more relaxed, casual styles… just please don’t pair them with shorts and sandals!

Do You REALLY Need to Accessorise?


Accessorising is something that you need to get absolutely spot on in order to look great in whatever you are wearing. Every style has its accessories – you just need to know which ones work and which ones don’t… and more importantly how many to wear in one go!

On one hand, under-accessorising can often make an outfit look bland, no matter how bright or vibrant it may be. Accessories accentuate various aspects of your outfit and often draw the eye to certain areas of your clothing.

On the other hand, over- accessorising can detract from what you are wearing and your main focal point – your fashionable outfit – will be lost amidst a mixture of other dazzling accessories. You don’t want to spend time and effort picking out that perfect outfit, only for it to be overshadowed with unnecessary accessories!

Is Double Denim Doable?


We’ve all heard the term “double denim” and it’s always been seen as a negative thing to pair two denim items up together in one outfit.

However, it can be done successfully, as long as you are completely comfortable with your style. Denim is a staple material in any fashionable wardrobe, it’s just essential that you know when your denim to other material ratio is way too high.

Double denim is completely fine, especially if you’re looking for a smart-yet-casual look. Simply choose similar shades of denim and rock that look! Any more than two, though, and you’re running the risk of overshadowing the rest of your outfit!

Brown or Black Shoes?


So, you’ve got a fantastic fitted suit, the perfect accessories and your darkest socks on – now just comes the arduous task of picking the right colour shoes!

Usually, the general consensus between fashion gurus is that if you have a black suit, you should stick with black shoes and stay well clear of any shade of brown.

Red shoe - Men's classic shoes, casual

While we agree with this to a degree, we also realise that there’s many different shades of brown that do actually pair well with black trousers. As long as you incorporate that shade – or at least one that is something similar – into your outfit elsewhere (such as your tie or accessories), brown isn’t as scary as you once thought!

It’s all about gauging a balance of colours and not clashing too badly!

Belt or Braces?


This guideline is pretty straight forward – simply choose a belt or a pair of suitable braces. Please don’t commit the fashion crime of wearing both!

For one, there’s not much point in wearing both at the same time… if you need to wear braces, your belt isn’t doing its job properly and vice-versa!

Choose one that you either like or prefer… and stick to it!

Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns!


Patterns seem to rise and fall in popularity in the fashion industry, so you can often find yourself with a wardrobe filled to the brim with vibrant, intricate patterns.

We’ve always been told not to mix patterns, but as long as they complement each other, we think that having up to two different patterns within one outfit is fine.



Whether you pair up a delicately floral tie with a small polka dot shirt or a chequered  blazer with a patterned shirt… make sure that you’re confident that you look amazing and that the patterns are subtle enough to avoid clashing!

As we mentioned at the beginning, fashion is fluid and what’s in style now might not be in a few months time. However, personal style is less likely to change as quickly, so make sure that you’re feeling comfortable, stylish and fantastic – whatever you wear!


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