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Spotlight On: Casa Moda

Posted on the 27th March, 2017

Spring cleaning is well under way in many households, which may mean that you have thrown out some of your old clothes and are in the market for new. Here at SizeBase, we are also in the spring frame of mind and this means we have received a brand-new shipment of amazing clothes for the tall and big man. Including in this shipment is a collection of shirts from Casa Moda.

This is a great brand, but not one you may have heard of in great Where did the Casa Moda brand come from and how has the brand developed to produce quality clothing today?

History of Casa Moda

Founded in 1924, Ernst Winter began a brand that distributed fabrics and home textiles alongside creating shirts for the working professional. This was a company located solely in Oldenburg, Germany, for the first few decades of its life. Eventually, the company stopped its interest in fabrics and textiles to focus solely on creating luxury shirts.

Casa Moda Shirt1

In 1987, Casa Moda moved its headquarters to Gutenbergstraße (located just outside Oldenburg). This coincided with the opening of the Casa Moda store, which has since spread throughout Germany and even – from 2005 – opened abroad in places such as Austria and Dublin. The online shop also opened in 2012, but they only deliver within Germany. So, if you want to get your hands on this special brand then SizeBase is the place to go!

Casa Moda Shirts

This is a brand well known for its shirts and they produce some of the best fitting, comfortable, shirts available for the big and tall market.

Casa Moda Shirt2

This check shirt is perfect for a casual day out and about, or perfect for the beer garden on Sunday as the weather starts to warm. Super soft and 100% woven cotton, this is a shirt you wear when you want to go out and still feel the comfort of home. It is also a shirt that you can wear when you want to skirt the smart/casual border.

Alternatively, you may want all of the comforts but with a little more individuality. Again, this is 100% cotton and super soft for one of the most shirts on the market. Casa Moda aims for style, but not at the expense of comfort for their customers. Something which may come as a result of their past as a fabric merchant, as only the best cotton is used to create their shirts.

If you want to know more about some of the amazing products that we have to offer, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Simply give us a call today on 01183276568 and we will be more than happy to help.

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