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Knightsbridge Ties for Tall Men

Think you know everything about ties? Think again! Our tall men's Knightsbridge ties are certain to get you jumping for their modern, unique designs! Many men would never have thought that their body size matters when it comes to finding the perfect tie, in truth; it matters a lot.

Store bought ties don't always present the adequate length required for a tall man. Instead they cater for the average build which means that some ties can fall a little short on a taller man.

Here at SizeBase we're dedicated to providing you with good quality clothes of all kinds for big and tall men alike and our tall men's Knightsbridge ties are the perfect accessory for any suit.

Tall Men's Knightsbridge Ties

Knightsbridge has been a quality, family run business for the past 8 years. Their modern, stylish designs are mixed with the quality of old fashioned ties to deliver a refreshing and bold range especially for you.

Our Knightsbridge ties have been picked for their stunning colours and unique patterns. Their woven fabric offers an extra length of 67" to grant you the perfect fitted tie no matter how tall you are!

To grant you that extra piece of quality, all of our tall men's Knightsbridge ties are handmade. There's no machinery or mass production here, to ensure you get a truly unique Knightsbridge tie, each individual tie has been hand woven to deliver stunning quality you can admire over and over again.

For Luxurious Tall Men's Knightsbridge Ties, Contact Us Today!

We understand that, no matter what you're buying, it's all about the quality of the product and how comfortable you feel wearing it.

With a wide range of quality clothing to suit men both big and tall, we're certain you'll be able to find something for you. For more information on our luxurious tall men’s Knightsbridge ties, contact us on 01183 276 568 today.